A Beginner’s Guide to Underwater Photography

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A Beginner’s Guide to Underwater Photography

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1 A Beginner’s Guide to Underwater Photography on Mon Oct 05, 2015 12:37 am


A Beginner's Guide to Underwater Photography

The Wirecutter has teamed up with the ocean site The Scuttlefish and underwater photography experts like Sterling Zumbrunn to write this introduction to underwater photography techniques and gear.
Last Updated: June 5, 2015

Have you ever wanted to take your camera snorkeling? Wanted to capture images when you’re scuba diving? Are you frustrated by the limitations of your waterproof point-and-shoot and left wondering how pros take those dramatic images in dive magazines? Underwater imaging is an exciting—though complex—pastime, yet it has never been more accessible than it is today thanks to digital cameras. This article seeks to demystify some of the most important concepts behind underwater photography and videography and provide our recommendations on the best cameras (and housings) available today for beginners looking to learn how to shoot underwater.

Table of Contents

  • But what do I know?
  • A few principles of underwater photography & videography
  • The easiest way into the game
  • Which lights and handles go with the GoPro?
  • What’s wrong with a rugged camera without a housing?
  • Great cameras to build a waterproof camera rig around
  • All about housings
  • What about DSLRs?
  • Waterproof ports for lenses
  • Best underwater point-and-shoot
  • Introduction to mirrorless cameras for underwater use
  • All about lighting
  • On filters
  • One strobe/video light or two?
  • Getting your camera and strobe settings right
  • Putting it all together (with arms and trays and clamps)
  • Spare parts, batteries, and tools
  • Clean your gear before and after use
  • Studying up on underwater photography on land
  • Why we don’t buy underwater gear at Amazon
  • Wrapping it up 




Here is another excellent source for information on underwater photography and videography...

Click... HERE


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