Penghu Jellyfish Influx Caused by Winds

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Penghu Jellyfish Influx Caused by Winds

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1 Penghu Jellyfish Influx Caused by Winds on Fri Jun 30, 2017 1:40 am



The Penghu Marine Biology Research Center said that large numbers of Papuan jellyfish that have become commonplace in harbors were brought in by strong southwesterly winds.

The center said the phenomenon was not connected with the appearance of large numbers of flathead gray mullets in the county, nor was it the result of rising ocean temperatures as some have said.

The jellyfish have drawn large crowds as the plum rain season ended, the center said, adding that some have been catching the aquatic animals with nets and taking them home.

Although jellyfish do not normally congregate in such large numbers, it is normal to see them emerge during late spring and summer, the center said.

Jellyfish are not able to travel great distances like other marine life, so they generally rely on currents, it said.

Their weak body structure means they are easily pushed by strong winds like the southwesterly that brought this influx of jellyfish to Penghu, it said.

Papuan jellyfish — also called spotted jelly — are identifiable by the many white marks on their bodies, the center said.

They are often kept in aquariums because of their attractive appearance and the low toxicity of their venom, it said.

They have a unique appearance due to their numerous “oral arms” and lack of tentacles.

This is an anatomical characteristic of Scyphozoans, or sea jellies.

About 250 species of jellyfish are known to exist in the world’s oceans, ranging from 10cm to 1m in diameter.

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