Police hunt ‘Protect Sharks Man’ after death threat video

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Police hunt ‘Protect Sharks Man’ after death threat video

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A man calling himself “Protect Sharks Man” on Monday made threats on Facebook that he and 1,300 “anti-shark fin champions” would lethally poison patrons of restaurants serving shark-fin dishes in retaliation for unlawful shark fishing.

The man, who identified himself as Shih Po-han (施伯瀚), 32, in July last year allegedly sent fake severed hands to shops selling shark fins throughout the nation, including 11 in Taipei’s Dihua Street (迪化街).

In the latest video posted on his Facebook page, Shih claimed he possesses a deadly toxin that his followers would use to poison shark-fin dishes in restaurants nationwide.

“This toxin will not kill [shark-fin consumers] instantly, it will cause a chronic illness that brings torturous pain,” Shih said.

The Taipei Police Department said it believes Shih’s video constitutes a crime by making a death threat and that investigators have requested Facebook’s help in identifying the suspect.

Shark fins are predominantly bought from illegal sources, and people who sell or consume shark fins are breaking the law, so he sees no point in abiding by the law, Shih said in the video.

He also threatened that he would unleash a “second-phase operation” over the Lunar New Year holiday targeting wealthy consumers who eat shark-fin soup.

“We will redouble our efforts to poison and kill those who harmed innocent sharks... Remember that you are courageous champions and I, Protect Sharks Man, fully support you and take full responsibility,” he said.

Addressing people who sell or eat shark fins, Shih said: “I want to kill you and poison you because I hate you all.”


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