Fishing net recycling program to be introduced: marine bureau

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Fishing net recycling program to be introduced: marine bureau

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Kaohsiung, March 22 (CNA) In an effort to limit environmental damage, Taiwan's port city of Kaohsiung plans to introduce a sustainable program to recycle old fishing nets, Kaohsiung Marine Bureau said Thursday.

A recycling mechanism will be introduced after consultation with local fisheries associations, Kaohsiung Marine Bureau Director-General Lin Ying-pin (林英斌) said.

Based on a price per kilogram scheme, the goal is to provide incentives for owners to recycle their fishing nets instead of dumping them in the ocean.

The recycling price could be anywhere between NT$20-NT$40 (US$1.37) per kilogram, Lin said.

Although the purchase mechanism is still being studied, the bureau promises to come up with a solution to the problem soon, he said, adding that he expects the program to be rolled out in May.

Fishing nets are a significant part of marine pollution, and can harm marine animals such as sea turtles and dolphins.

According to the bureau, it deployed divers in waters close to Kaohsiung last year to remove discarded fishing nets and in just four deployments nets weighing a total of 1,100 kg were recovered.

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