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Forum Guidelines (please read)

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1 Forum Guidelines (please read) on Sat Aug 01, 2015 7:22 pm


Like all posts in forums here, use of profanity and insults directed at other members is prohibited. So refrain from hot topics like politics or religion.

Posting copywritten content such as video from YouTube or photos belonging to other photographers without their consent is not allowed. Ask yourself if it should be on YouTube. For example, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is prohibited on video hosts. Therefore it's prohibited here.

Photos on Google Images, Bing Images, or Yahoo Images, should be fine. If the image is from a photographers portfolio that he hosts and it's watermarked then he is basically giving consent to redistribute. If you know him personally and he has no issue with sharing his work then post away.

If you see that a member is violating the rules, politely advise him of his mistake. He may have not observed the guidelines. If he fails to remove the content, please report it to theĀ Administrator or a Moderator.

Thanks for complying.

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